Sunday, September 14, 2008

berbuka n bercuti

so im having my sweet holiday ryte now. BOSAN! so i'll be rarely updating my blog since my day will be almost the same evryday. but to tell u, i had berbuka with my frens on saturday. it was an awesome day. had my buka with fariq, faisal, sheikh, poknik, que, izhan, razi, n pijan. kam was there but he never joined us duirng berbuka. he was in hassan cafe while we had our buka at BIDARA. i booked the table had had to wait for almost half an hour for fariq to come. bla3, bla3, we watched the man utd vs liverpool game. the game was played in anfield. thanx to goals from wes brown (o.g) n babel, the KOP kills the little devils 2-1. man utd goal scored by tevez. so we lepak2 again until the halftyme of arsenal vs blackburn rovers. we then decided to go to hartamas. me, que n faisal, sampai dulu n unluckily, it was full there. saw dek wan n rafi, n their frens. so tego2 n decided to go to rasta. so rasta here we come! smpi2, lepak2, watch the chelsea vs man city game. robinho scored his debut goal for the citizens thanx to a freekick deflected off the wall by john obi mikel. unluckily his debut goals means nutting as carvalho, lampard, n anelka, scored for THE BLUES making the scoreline 3-1. i had my sahur there eating lamb chop n iced tea o' . damn the lamb chop cost me RM24. luckily cutting2 ngan faisal so he payed rm10. ahha. then we're off to lalaland. i mean home sweet home. dat's all guys. till then. ciao~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 days summary. n only if

Wednesday, 10/09/08

so it's been 2 days since my last blog. so here goes. my wednesday is nutting much to say. as usual penat gile since ade bengkel. but at last my project siap after some drilling, ketuking, rivetting, bla3. so done for my bengkel. during the bengkel as usual the cicak alwez around bz bodying. and wut a relief to hear from tuan rosidie that kelas fire protection is cancel. YEEHAA!! so after blk ke rumah, mcm biasalah kan. on9 itu kehidupan. at last terase pnat so fall asleep. i had a quiz during b.i klas later on. tp tak study pon. at last kena kejut dan pergilah ke kelas. played sum games, argue skit with madam, n the quiz is on. luckily i had bc skit sebelum exam n bley lah jawab. n sum cheating do help too. thanx to miss eain n my big guy fauzan. after klas we blk umah n masak lah ayam masak kicap. bla3(malas tulis) so malam pon tiba. bla3, bla3, tgk lah england vs croatia. england won 4-1. thanx to superb performance by walcott n rooney. walcott had a hatrick n rooney scored one. but the hatrix is nicely engineered by rooney himself. jenas made the pass for rooney's goal. owh yea, j.cole had sum head bleeding n he fainted. agak kelakarlah tyme die jatuh itu. at about 5.30, lastly irsyad had his sleep thinking malas oke nak pergi klas air legs esok.

Thursday, 11/09/08

woke up at 2. played some angel's online. it's an online game oke. owh i started playing it. ahha. my class shud start at 2.30 and im surprised at 2.15 my fren still tak mengamuk. so i klua bilik n rupenye klas kensel damn happy lah wei. so sambung lah beron9 until 6. sempat chat ngan iera weh. iera2, tak taw ape nak ckp. so at 6 went to the bazaar. bought nasi kerabu , n apam balik. balik2 tunggu buka n makan. damn the nasi kerabu is sooooooo PEDAS n kuranglah sedapnye. mmg tak sedap oke. not bcoz of the pedas. siap2 n went to klas electronical fundamental I. i had a midterm. luckily i studied n can answered it quite smoothly. though sum hentam here n there. siap awal, n klua smoke, n called iera. damn i think she is juz sooo KAWAII. noneedtoknowtheisi ok. but iera i syg u jugaklah n if only i can say yes to ur main2 question. huhu . blk, n had futsal. booring game. did not perform quite well. blk pg bank, tutup. thank you lah cimb. siot jek. tak dpt isi myk. so blk ke rumah. berbosan2 dan beron9, until lah terase nak mandi. tgk2 toilet mcm lah celake nye kotor. so basuh lah saye toilet itu. scrub2, bla2, siap lah mandi. dan saye tulis lah blog ini. dan sekejap lg saye nak tdo kot. it's fu*king 4 o'clock. ciao~

p/s : if u feel my blog is semakin bosan. tak payah lah bace ok. again, it's my blog after all.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

as usual.

Tuesday, 09/09/08

as usual im blogging my way. woke up at 8. got class maa on 9. so wakie2 irsyad. bangun2, mandi2, siap2, n off to class. pak din mcm biasalah. klas shud be on 9.30 yet dia akan dtg half an hour late. i think he got a point there. so that there will be no late entry. at least no later then him. ahha. so b4 klas biasalah borak while waiting for pak din. i was giving back kay's pendrive. since smalam die mintak masuk kan muvie.

irsyad : kay nah pendrive ko. akoo masuk kan 5 muvie jek.
kay : owh apsal, muvie ape ko masukkan.
irsyad : adelah, hot shot 1 n 2, the new guy, n tak igt lah. remember the titans kot.
cicak : alaa, dah tgk lah kay, ade dalam cd akoo. bl

the point i'm writing dis is. si cicak adelah penyibuk. always get on sum ppl conversation. haiyok! bengang lah wei. cicak2 ape nak jd ngan kaw. but get to kenakan syam. woohoo. ahha. no need to elaborate more since korg pon susa nak paham kan. my classmate shud understand dis easily. hehe. btw remember the titans is a very cool muvie. it's about black n white ppl, combining making an american football team. ups n downs. bla3. cool lah. enuff bout that. so the class went pretty gud for me. as usual. pak din n tdo tak dpt di pisahkan. so tdo lah i kejap di dalam klas. not long after, the class ended. as pakdin alwez said, the more u learn, the more u forget. ahha. so after class not much to say. usual on9 sessions. n yes i played few rounds of fifa 08. today was not really my day since i made more lost than win. damn! then there's a happy news from our classmate, cheah. klas mandarin kensel lah wei. happy2!. tried to kenakan again tp tak jd. ahha. so sambung lah on9 then main game infinity online. it's quite a cool game. lawan2! hiyak2! while i was playing, pojan, pokjak, n syam wasm bz preparing for buka. i malas owh. ahha. we cooked, ok2 they cooked ayam berempah az-zahra n sayur campur cina. sedap lah jugak for us org bujang. selepas kyg2, i did wut i usually did n mandi2, siap2, pg lah ke kelas electronic pule. smpi2 di kelas tuan sibie tak percaye yg kami masak so we showed him sum pics n resits lastly die pon percaye lah. hahaha. got u TUAN! so klas goes n we had to do a quiz. luckily i made some revision with tuan sibie n i can answer the question quite well. i scored 91 oke. ahha. sir didn't believe me so after sum few soal siasat n my mark is legit. ahha. then the class dismissed. so went back i lepak2 prima sebentar with pokjak, pojan, syam, khai, n botak. selepas bergosip sebentar we went towards our own ways. hahaha. smpi lah saye di rumah. played sum infinity online n on9. main fifa 08. n now blogging. saye pon tak taw lah nak tulis ape lg so enuff said. CIAO~

sum pics viewers.

ini adalah cicak

ini adalah pokjak memasak

Monday, September 8, 2008


Monday, 08/09/07

after my last blog, i still cant get my sleep. so i juz kept on9ing till it's 3 o'clock n decided to wake up aimie since die mmg suro kejut. so called her n wakie2 aimie ku syg. after sum mins, i still cant sleep. so try to text aimie. she replied. some isi of my texts are.

irsyad : aimie2, dodoi akoo tdo. tak leyh tdo lah. ahha.
aimie : sengal kaw. akoo tak reti lah. bla3
aimie : nanti gaji akoo 5 angka akoo belikan fon canggih utk kaw.

irsyad : DEAL OKE!

at last, it's about 4.30 n i decided to hv my sahur. goreng2 jemput2 n my big fren , fauzan woke up. moh le makan sesame. nyum2, ngap2, kenyang2, smoke2, try to sleep. at last i'm fast asleep. not long after dat, pojan woke me up. OI BANGUN2, KELAS2! so bangun lah saye dan bersiap for klas. as usual for sir abdullah he came nearly 9.30 when the class shud start at 9. waahh, i tak ngantuk lah u. sir abdullah is a very nice n sempoi guy. die ajar pon cam best gile which makes me tidak ngantuk. after some hydraulic sessions, the class ended. blk umah on9 jap, booom, TDO. tdo itu nikmat lah wei. again pojan woke me up at 4 for mandarin klas. eeeishh malas nye. pegi je lah. dengar2 die merepek, siapkan keje, kaco kay jap. the class ended. so blk umah. singgah kedai beli kuih muih, n sedikit brg2 dapur. b4 balik rumah ade perkara kelakar berlaku. pokjak was asking for the kunci rumah n pojan gave him his kunci motor. smpi lah me n pojan nak blk, pojan realise he made the mistake. hahahahaahha. so after sum fon calls. pokjak dtg with the kunci motor. so blklah kami ke rumah dengan selamat. smpi di ruma
h n pojan n pokjak masak mee sup. thanx guys. so for my buke is mee sup, kuih dan muih. smoking sessions, n mandi session n we're off to putrajaya. pokjak had to see his customer who is buying his fon. so alang2 di sana, we went to alamanda n watch DEATH RACE. it's been sumtyme since we had a muvie together. the last tyme is pojan with ZOUL watching kungfu panda leaving pokjak merempit with pojan uncle's 125. ahha. the muvie is ok lah though biasalah pawagam malaysia. few cuts scenes here n there. so back to rumah sewa n singgah di PRIMA SEAFOOD to had our meal. dis is for sahur since kami malas nak bangun sahur. i had nasi goreng kampung, telur mate kerbau, n teh tarik. went back to home sweet home n as usual. on9 lah. myspace2. myspace2. n again u know wut. BLOGGING! b4 late, i was chatting with cik roha n she had me mention her name so here goes nah. ROHA. n to miss tity, here's ur tag though saye tidak lah berapa nak paham kan.

b4 tdo ini i had to copy sum muvies for kay. so off baybayh!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Friday. 05/09/08

nutting much to say bout today. all i can say is on the evening i hv an electrical class n as usual it is hard with the wiring yet everything went well. so balik n timbul idea. wei masak spaghetti jom! so kami kekedai membeli brg2 dan memasak lah kami. then it's buka tyme! makan spaghetti yg ok lah. maklumlah org2 bujang masak kan. ahha. selepas kyg smoke2, mandi2, siap2, n off to UNITEN again. vroom2. smpi lah di sana. as usual buat lah mcm bilik sendiri. after sum sessions of borak2, lepak2, smoke, until about 1++ a.m dey all pon ajak lah pergi murni di ss2. owh b4 late, mizi transfered room due to sum problems with the admin. faisal decided to stay with a 'luxurious' new room n kam went back to kedah. so vroom2 off to murni. nearly dere n izhan called fariq to see if he can joined us. alaa fariq la babe, kompem dtg. ahha. so fariq came. called que n aleq but they fell asleep so malas. so the 5 of us who are irsyad, izhan, razi, faisal, n fariq sat there makaning n boraking. owh yea murni do serve exotic cousine. ahha. not that exotic to be exact but yet delicous n halal of coz. we ordered mozarella 'sumting' nan, nasi goreng biasa, nasi goreng chicken chop, n few drinks. the ultimate drink for dat nyte is I LOVE U. yes i love u is the name of the drink. ahha. weird ayte yet tasteful. sedar2 the murni is about to close. lame gile lepak. tak sedar pon. it's almost 6 n dah imsak pon. ahha. so chalo guys back to uniten. after sum royals session we doozed off.

Saturday, 06/09/08

woke up at 4 p.m. ahha. ngantuk gile babeng okeng. few rounds of royals, we decided to go klcc since dah janji with mayo n juai. juai is celbrating his gurlfren bday n anniversary. one month anniversary to be exact. so siap2 n vroom2 off to klcc. lepak park die n had a few photography session. ahha. after dat pusing2 di dalam n went to secret recipe to buy the cake. it's almost buke tyme so we went to the food court. makan2. after dat, off to the park to smoke2. then this is the tyme. took the cake find a nice pondok. set up2, n called juai. juai n his gurlfren came. with them is his gf sister, brother n sumone by the name gon......???(it'll be a secret guys.) owh here in the pondok is irsyad, izhan, razi, faisal, mayo, juai, ikleel(juai's gf) , her sister, ilin, her brother, syamil, n again u know who , gon....??? btw the name it's not her real name ok. juz a name made up by us. ahha. so after sum candle blowing, card giving, eating, chatting, ikleel frens had to go first. so bye~ we carry on chatting n smoking for awhile and it's our tyme to go. lepak jap, n we're off back to uniten. again sum royals session n doozed off.

Sunday, 07/09/08

izhan woke me n razi up for sahur. had a slice of roti with kaya, sips of zappel n smoke izhan's winston light, n im back to bed. tdo n woke up at 2.30. dunno wut to do so play sum royals, chatting ntah i cant really remember n suddenly it's 6. owh i remember watching the fairy oddparents. ahha. nearly 7 n it's tyme for bazaar ramadan. im too lazy to go so izhan, am, faisal, n razi went with my car. kirim murtabak n kebab. lame owh tak makan kebab. as i was watching the forbidden kingdom, i heard azan. so sip sum drinks and smoke. ahha. dat's my hidangan berbuka. when they get home, i get to eat my order. damn kenyang. so again play sum royals, with am n faisal. it's sooo funny dis tyme since am was so confident of not losing yet he lose 3 tyme straite. ahha. sori am, your a loooooser. had my bath, pack my things up. wait for razi n faisal stealing sum of my things in the laptop, n tata my frens. im back to MIAT. on the way back to rumah sewaku syurgaku, singgah di smile n bought my fav, pall mall light. so back to my house. after sum on9, uploading session. here i am blogging my way out. till then. ciao~

here are som pics from saturday guys

irsyad, faisal, izhan
snap by : mayo

ikleel, juai(they never noticed us taking pics until the last photo), razi, mayo, izhan, faisal
snap by : irsyad

the name ikleel spelled wrongly on the bday cake. ahha
snap by : izhan

irsyad, faisal, izhan
snap by : mayo

faisal, izhan, ikleel, juai, mayo, razi, irsyad
snap by : stranger

Thursday, September 4, 2008

quiksilver and aimies! <3

Thursday, 04/03/08

woke up at 1.00 pm. kewl. ahha. fucking hungry. tak sahur pg td. on9 jap n my class is at 2.30. so bgn ter'igt baju tak sidai lg. nak pg sidai tgk2 hujan. no wonder lah tdo sgt sedap sampai nak bangun pon malas. so sidai dalam umah jek. luckily ade washing machine with dryer. spin2 smpi kering2! after dat mandi! siap2 pg klas with my matrix. syg lah matrix. kalo tak dah basah dah. so smpi2, dengar la mr chong merepek di depan. quite ok n i got sum info. ahha. klas abes! blk siap2 nak pg alamanda. SHOPPING! ahha. siap2, naik keta with pojan n pokjak. singgah taman kenanga amek eyra n as. so off to alamanda. jalan2 pg fud court to buka puasa. i ate chicken rice. yummy! after dat pusing2 alamanda. masuk klua masuk klua last2 beli la wallet n beg(murah) quiksilver. on the way back call aimi. ckp kat die beli wallet. then die ckp rugi. ahha. tp die janji nak bg yg baru during my bday. yeay! aimi2, SUMPAH AKOO SAYANG KAW GILE VAVI! nutting much happen during my way back. singgah bank. called my mum n borak2. noneedtoknowisidie. ahha. so anta eira n as blk. n sampai la di rumah n here i am blogging my way. ciao~

here are sum pics.

she is not my gf yet i LOVE this gurl very much!

i tribute dis for aimie. i known her since i was in form 3 if i can recalled. she was a fren of my fren nazu. she msged me one day. i still remember the day clearly though i cant recalled the date. as days goes by we became closer. it is 2004 when she msged me n now is 2008 yet we NEVER yes never met each other. but i think she feels comfortable with me since she shared sum of her probs with me, jokes bout each other, kutuk2 each other even kutuk some things yg tak patut, sori papa ros. ahha. i do feel the same. we had our high n lows yet i dunno y akoo syg kaw gile ok! i dunno wut she feels bout me but as i repeat many tymes, i syg die though die bukan gf saye ok. i promised her to write bout her so here goes aimi. actually i dont really know wut to write bout her. there's lots n lots of happy things bout her. but enuff said she is a very gud fren n siyesly n siyesly wutever happen irsyad will forever syg aimi. i might sounds crazy but i feel like crying writing dis. kekdg kan, i feel like so demanding. aimi2, nak wallet, aimi2, nak topup, aimi2, nak itu, aimi2, nak ini. sumtyme die bg sumtyme tak. most of the tymes yes with the topup. dulu la. tp i never really gave her anything yet die ckp one day, one day. i pon tak taw la. yet die ckp takpe syad akoo tak kesa. tp sumtyme i feel bad. gile demanding wei mamat nie. sori fer me aimi. i really dunno how to repay u. u've been very nice owh. mcm mano ekh? cukup la i tulis yek. tacing lebey plak. after all, our secrets lies between us okayh! siyes rase nak nangis. hahahahaha. enuff said dis is my blog after all. ciao~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A tribute to Family

Tuesday, 02/09/08

2nd day of puase. hell no! ikut korg lah nak caye akoo pose ke tak. but such a tiring day! FUCK man. pg2 bgn pg klas. PAKDIN i syg u lah. tdo almost the entire class. tersedar pon mcm tak phm jek. so smbg tdo. last2 die pakdin ckp, saye tak kesa sbb lain org lain cara belaja, ade org blaja tutup mate. hahaha. syg lah pakdin. so the class ended n blk tdo di rumah. sedar2 0n9 jap n member ajak pg bazaar. jom2! jalan2 hujan2 blk2. bought ayam percik n kuih ape ntah. gewe klate cun owh! ;p blk golek2 jap buke! smbg on9 lame2 seda2 dah mlm. the best thing is comment2 with aimi! syg gile kaw wei aimi! tak puas comment so i called her. borak2. long tyme no talk with her. so cam gelak2 until she had to go. smbg on9. borak2 with marcella ( damn it's a real name ) ahha. then die baik atie bg no die so called her plak. borak2 selame '5 minit'. until problem occured. iera n marcell get well soon ok. no gado2 ayte! so my day end here. dooze off!

Weednesday, 03/09/08

i'll blog it later if rajin since tiada yg interesting happen lg.
btw sgt penat since pg td kena kerja bengkel. SHIIT~

plis2 iera. be happy ok.
plis2 marcella. jgn pk byk2 sgt ok. i like talking with u.
plis2 aimies. akoo rindu kaw ok. sumpah!
plis2 (a). cntct me soon!

today post is about my day after bengkel. ahha. so sambung klas kol 2.30. woohoo TDO THE WHOLE CLASS! sgt best lah. bgn2 lecturer pon dah takde. hahahaha. so abes klas blk on9. penat gile syall. kirim kat member sbb malas pg bazaar. so today berbuka with mutabak. smoke2 smbl tgk tv. bergado masing2 malas mandi dulu. so main 1 , 2 , som! kalah. so pasrah pg la mandi dulu. mandi2 siap2 pg klas. kawan2 jom naik keta lah. syg matrix! blaja2, malas blaja, tp i get the vocab all correct. BANGGA! n my fren's fon kena amek ngan lect. hahaha. main lagi dlm klas. n msg die kena bc. KEWL! so berjalan pulang ke kereta, t'igt iera. so i called her. bla3 die cte masalah die. so i was like OWH. the conversation ended when i got back home. then text aimi. till now. was chatting with (a) until the connection got lost. my blog ended here. ciao~

this vid is KEWL!

shit takleyh post. ahha

Monday, September 1, 2008


[Krayzie Bone]

Take me
Higher, higher, baby
Can you feel it?? (feel it, feel it, feel it)
Do you feel the same weed high that I feel??
Cuz I'm so high (reefer makes you feel that way)
And I feeling so right
Roll (roll), let's smoke, I got to get high
I been high since the last song (off that la, la, la, la, la, la, la)
And i just been smokin' and smokin'
Smoke another blunt, roll another up
You know that weed can really ease your mind
Every time I smoke good reefer that indo high makes me fly
If everyboby smoked a blunt, relieve the mind, the world could
be a better place
If everybody took a break and we all just got wasted
Toked out (out, out out), smoked out (out, out, out),
choked out (out, out, out), pull another O (out, out, out)
Let's get P-O-D-ded (P-O-D-ded, P-O-D-ded)

[Bizzy Bone]
The weed can't get no better (no better baby)

[Bizzy Bone]
20 dollar hollars, all day, everyday
Come around my way, you gone want to stay
Weed makes me hungry, happy, and all I can say
Sure I need some more
Don't make we wait, stay awake, fake sleep,
got the weed between the sheets
Catch me, Mary J. blessed me
Open up the dime, stimulate your mind, slide my thumb up the blunt
Open up and what you'll find in there (you don't really want)
I never been in High Times (I never been in High Yimes)
I never been in High Times
but can you tell me that I've been so high all my life
Am I high enough (am I high enough)
Am I high enough (am I high enough)

[Wish Bone]
I remeber being a little thug
Weed, really didn't know what it was
Then I took a puff and I realized
I should always, stay high
The weed (the weed), makes me feel alright (alright)
If you feel like i feel, I got half on yo dime
If you got weed smoke it, I'm a real weed smoker
If it's mine then I would
since its yours you could, you should
If I ain't there when you blaze a blunt nigga huh, please think of me
Cuz you know I nigga like to get high (high), high and free
Smokin' all night, feelin' all right
Bone Thugs get high, so high
High, high, all night, high, high
So high

Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my my my my
I know you wonder why I do it. Love the sky
And I soar up so high
This mornin' I was in my bed
Bangin' and ringin' inside my head
I wanted to make love to you baby, but last night I got P-O-Ded instead
So please don't go away, that's all I got to say
Is I gotta have you mary j
Such a heavenly feelin' I get when i'm taking fat ass blunts to the brain
Oh darlin' I'm goin insane, and I really wish we can
Kick it at home in America, like it was on in amsterdam
You heard enough, you heard it all, nothin' but a, a really thug nigga
Nothin' less than a killa, I'm out in front makin' my scrilla
I'm happy to know , the slide is the ball, and kick as strong as me
Be rippin' the bong like me, can hit it as long as me

[Layzie Bone]
And when I need to free my mind
I can find, satisfaction in a bag of weed
Everything I need, leave it to the trees
It can make me feel better, and every day I wake
Niggas rollin' up blunts, and mo blunts, and mo blunts
And I keep a case of Swisher Sweets in the trunk
So when I'm rollin', smokin', chokin', just floatin'
Through the city in my drop top
Glock cocked, rollin', just rollin'
Me and mary jane
Its my world, its my thang
The way she penetrates my brain
Buddah, done blessed me with game
Good game, you wanna chop it up,
we can kick it, smoke a fatty to the dome
Nigga lay high, thugged out, smokin', all, night, long

[Chorus til fade]

weekend di UNITEN!

Friday, 29/08/08

journey to UNITEN. naik 125 member, meredah ke uniten. sampai2 khai takde babi! so lepak umah nabil G. thanx nabil! lawan fifa kalah penalty dua2 kali. KEMAK! blah pg umah khai, khai anta pg upm. thanx khai! lepak jap, back to uniten. borak2 typical lepak. n now SKOLA nak start dah. hahahaha. WASTED! this tyme blaja lagu baru, weed song by bone thugz n harmony lepak2, g makan, klua pg damai tgk bola. singgah makan mcd. cheeseburger memadai. layan~ sambung g damai tgk man utd vs zenith st. petersburg. yea u knoe who lost ayte? 2-1 to zenith! owh the price that night for drinks ( we drank barbican ) maklumlah kedai arab kan. haha, is RM79. WTF! it's a gud day fer me after all ;p so afterdat, back to uniten. again wasted. TDO!
saturday, 30/08/08

bgn2 the team BITTERSWEET kalah. rafie missed the penalty ( tak pg tgk pon,tdo ). haha. tdo itu nikmat owh. so izhan blk with revive satu karton. byk gile sumpah! i am so FUCKING hungry. setelah menunggu seberapa lame, kami pon pergi makan. with piejat n razi. owh mayo n piejat dtg singgah. makan2, borak2, gelak2, blk bilik. so lepak2 jap, mizi ajak jom! it's around 6 kot dat tyme, so jom la kite. korum agak ramai with kam, faisal, joining irsyad n mizi. wasted! then booom sume pakat tdoq. bgn with sepakan mizi ajak pg mcd. sedap owh. hahaha. blk2, guling2, masuk skola jap n suddenly it's 11.30 FUCK kate nak pg the curve. haha. so cepat2 siap2 vroom2 pg the curve. smpi2 dah 12.30. merdeka di dalam kereta! ahha. so dok kat curve mcm org bodo n went to uptown. makan2! n went back to uniten. penat but still korum malam mesti ade. n booom tdoq!

Sunday, 31/08/08

woke up again with sepakan mizi. 'irsyad jom pergi makan.... kate mizi. so bangun n pg mandi. sbb kalo lambat mmg esok ah br dapat makan. so siap2, n kam kate nak ikut. jom2. faisal n izhan still terbongkang with razi n am blk umah. so off to alamanda. pusing2, beli tkt wyg, n makan. here i met their fren, boss. muke garang but he is frenly. tgk wyg cte GHOST HOUSE. fucking fuck! bodo gile cte. korg2 jgn tgk yek. jumpe pwang n apeq. owh apeq is with dis one chubby gurl. I LIKE! so apeq ikut kitorg blk since die pon nak pg ktm with me. mizi bought a new quiksilver slippers. so went back, i mizi dropped me n apeq at d serdang station. i culik apeq to my house n we smpi kepong. n jalan back to my house. smpi di rumah, smayang, makan, n off back to uniten. dis tyme i drive. syg my matrix! ahha. myk kuat owh! so smpi2, buat mcm rumah sendiri. malam back to SKOOL. bersama ustaz irsyad, shah rukh an, faisal kempis, kam, mizi , bersama pendtg baru, apeq. dis nyte ramai so cam klaka gile! last2 boom tdo! esok puasa!

Monday, 01/09/08

bgn pg2 izhan kejut. pg sahur. puasa beb puasa! lembab nak mampos! sharifah lembab! azan, so blk uniten. naik bilik. cr katil tdo! sedar2 apeq kejut nak blk. salam sambung tdo. bgn2 dah kol 2.30! hahaha. fariq n pok nik dtg 'singgah'. tak lame lepas tue diorg blk. on9 jap, lepak jap, dah kol 6. mizi ajak pg bazaar. jom2! siap2, sume pg bazaar. lmbt smpi, dah nak abes. beli ape yg patut blk. ALLAHUAKBAR! azan dalam keta. kam call awek die, die ckp dah buke. slurrpp2, minum dulu! owh faisal lupe bc doa camne. hahahaha. smpi2 bilik, MAKAN! errpp, isap okok. lepak2 jap, guling2, mizi ajak pg skola lagi. ape lagi, join je la. amek skit, lepak2 jap. am blk! sambung. akoo dah pening kol bp nak blk nie! huhu. slamber sedut2. owh korum malam nie ade tmbh am gurjit without apeq. apeq dah blk. so abes jek, call eira. borak2, gelak2, dahpuas tdo jap.

Tuesday, 02/09/08

sedar2 izhan kejut sahur. tp perut kyg lg. owh lupe eira TAK KEJUT! huhu. so isap okok jap, basuh muke. im on my way back to MIAT VAVI! so seram2, gelap2, redah blk miat. sampai2 umah kunci. call pokjak bukak pintu. masuk2 on9 tulis blog. nie la blog nye. ahha. cukup la yek kawan. daa~

p/s : i kurang gamba lah. kalo ade gamba sure lg best kan. sori lah kawan2, i kurg tgkp gamba.
owh, i msged (a) 2 kali n die tak reply. I MISS U OK! ciao~