Monday, October 27, 2008

tiring, painful, yet WONDERFUL

takde klas
bgn lewat
lepak2, packing2
had to go to johor for a rugby tournament
utm 10's open
pg la naik bus
tiring journey
smpi around 12.00
nabila texted
nabila is my cousin from JB
ajak die klua esok
lepak ngan atong di luar tingkap
bukan luar pagar yek
bla3, tdo.

woke up early
tataw apsal
smoke, tgk lua tingkap
byk gile monyet!
kacaw atong tdo
bla3, mandi siap
tumpang bus utm
jumpe stopek
to the padang!
eager na main
first game vs wildcats
lost 3 try
experienced team
2nd game vs tak igt
lost 2-1
aboy tried for us
this game terbaek!
i snapped my ankle
sakit mcm lahanat!!!
sumpah weiii!
so our game for today ended here
blk bilik, lepak2
owh b4 dat pg makan ngan ikhwan
main kad di blk
klh minum air
mcm sial
nabila txted
nabila blanje mcD
thanx nabila syg
anta blk
nabila had to go to hosp
main bluff
minum lg

woke up wan kejut ketuk pntu
around 8
tue pon bukan die na kejut
na amek rokok die tertinggal jek
suro die tutup charger n slow kan kipas
die pg tutup skali kipas
tp takpe
i was freezing like hell!
golek2 jap n bersiap
tumpang bus ump
lupe na ty knal napes ta
smpi di pdg
lari2, damn kaki skt lg
first game vs EC
i was on the bench
tana risk my ankle
we won the game
after the game masing2 lapa
sir syed fadzli dtg membawa cahaya
layan gile
2nd game vs utem B
won the game again
we will be in the bowl final
oke la tue for a team yg training sehari jek
final vs tak igt
owh i went lepak2 with nabila again b4 the final match
die blanje again ;)
bought chacos n lollipop
tgk final match
left nabila
wei nabila
gile sori dowh
sumpah sori
tp thanx for all kerana sudi dtg
owh, we lost the final match
they conquered the game
at least we blk with head held high!
throughout the 2nd day
najib n mahfuz received sin bin
join la atong yek
so after the prize giving, blk ke blk
naik with nabila
thanx again nabila
then nabila went back home
bersiap2, n off back to miat
bla3 di dalam bus
tumpang syamil blk umah
bla3, tdo

public holiday
woke up a 10.00
promise iera to hv a date
went to see her at 3++
pusing2 n at last went to mcd
borak2, borak2, went to frim
iera kuat tipu!
lepak2, snap sum pics
tuka port
we had our fun
n anta iera blk
it was soo wonderful
thanx so much iera
u taw kan i syg u gile2
off back to umah sewa
n now im here blogging my way out

ps : thanx again to readers who read my blog
thanx to nabila yg dtg melawat n for the shampoo
sumpah ko mmg baik gile
akoo guilty weit!
thanx for the fun falcons!
n for sure thanx to iera for the winderful day n sweater
owh guys, for the pics
i'll upload it later
malas na upload from fon n im waiting for the rugby pics from atong
thanx all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

help us

my baby is depressed
i takut i cant stand it no more
god please help me to stay put
i luv n care to much for her

Monday, October 20, 2008

hopeless, useless, pennyless?

today was i dunno. iera took her results. she was damn mewdy. n i was bz. i cant be there for her. am i hopeless n useless? she needs me tp im bz, mcm mane kan. damn la! then i failed my oral. huhu. ptg ade test mandarin. oke lah setelah sum meniru session. perbincangan lah. i had my ideas too. so after exam is playing sum rugby. then msged iera. she needed sum money. hadoi she asked for her ex help. n her ex mcm syall. i was pening kpale. luckily i had sum money. i gv it to her. i luv her with all my heart. wut can i do. takkan i na lepas kan die. n now im pennyless. i luv u syg. now she is happy. sumpah i pon seronok. i dunno y im writing dis. but i juz feel like writing it. i seronok when my gf is happy. die bley tdo secara happy jap lg. saye sgt happy even im broke. ciao~

Sunday, October 19, 2008

weekends is awesome!

a little bit smaller in font. :D
so my friday was having class.
it was gud.
then makan, n blk umah.
forgot to mention.
umah sewa tiada air!

mcm cibai na mandi pg susa.
biaq p!
bla bla bla n off to kepong.
cant wait to jumpe my syg!
syg2, i love u taw!
so we hang out jap, had big apple,
n ended with a happy ending.

luv ya lots syg. ;)

my saturday?
it was funnnnnn!!
woke up at around 11.30.
iera txted saying she was alone at home n feeling bored.
so ajak la die pg selayang mall for me to withdraw money.
pg amek die n there was amal n ayish.
mereka adelah adek iera.
dropped amal at her fren hs n off to the mall.
withdraw n anta iera blk.
shittt!! i scratched my car.
biaq p lah.
so off to uniten pg amek izhan mayo n razi.
pg open hs supee.
makan2. sdp2. layanan was 1st class!
there was me, izhan, mayo, razi, n apeq, mijoe, qamar, n 2 of mijoe's fren.
bla bla bla n off to fariq's.
makan lagi. borak2. bla3.
met meri, idraki, faisal, sheikh, otord, raje.
bla3, faisal , meri , sheikh , otord, n idraki got off early.
all i know is faisal had a date n idraki is on wit a fight. :D
so went out smoking snapping pics
n faisal(uniten), mizi, kam n acap came.
makan2 lg borak2 n off to bukit jalil.
yesss, i had fun.
a hell lot of fun.
layan mosh tyme love me butch,
goyang kepale sepak2 org tyme bittersweet
n slow dance during republic of brickfields
sum other bands i juz sit back n relax.
sori to them.
so after dat off to bidara to watch man utd thrashed west brom 4-0
saye ternmpk cicak di situ.
(refer to my old blog posting)
die dpt email a gurl named tia n the gig.
n acap pule pemalu.
kate org,
shy shy cat.
after the watching futbol.
saye blk txt iera dan tertdor.
penat na mampos wei!
owh forgot to mention, pg td iera merajuk.
saye tertdo on friday nyte.
sooori syg.

sunday pule bagaimane yek?
sunday biasa jek.
bgn suda menjelang 12.30.
mak kejut pg2 ajak makan2 di surau.
sori la mak penat.
so bgn n my mum ajak pg s.alam.
sori lah mak, penat.
then iera txt.
syg awk iera.
jom klua. :D
so off to amek iera.
hang out di ou.
tgk cte ape ntah lupe.
all i igt is there a name 'bunny' in the title.
had fun with the movie.
klaka lah jugak.
u guys need to watch it.
so after dat usual lepak2 with iera.
faten again saves iera's day.
thanx faten.
my date ends with a realy2 happy ending.
sumpah i syg gile my iera.
fuck off la pitt.
she's mine ryte now.
babi tol nak kaco2 lg.
mapoh mu nate beruk.
chekpit kudo!
sori2 tersasau, ekh tersasul.
then blk umah mandi n off to umah sewa.
n umah sewa dah ade air.
as usual korg taw kan ayat akoo.
im here blogging my way out. ciao~

p/s ; to fuckers like botak, u dont like my blog kan?
so pg lah buat blog sendiri la oke.
maaf la blog saye ta entertain awak
but yes it entertains a hell lot more.
ahahaha, jk botak.
akoo syg kaw jugak oke.
(saye sudah gile hari ini)

as usual pics :D

the concert.
snapped by myself!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


bgn awal today. ade workshop. welding. art welding, gas welding n metal cutting. huish main besi panas2. abes melepuh tgn. but i had fun. experience too. bukan sng nak buat kan though 1st tyme buat nie sgt lah buruk. hahahahahaha. enuff with that. owh btw there's a guy in my class br blk from indon. die bwk rokok indon. kretek marlboro. sedap dowh. layan gile. so went makan2, n blk umah. ponteng klas fire protection. had to do works on interview malam nie. buat2, main fifa jap, makan maggi, siap2. n off to miat for the english class. MOCK INTERVIEW! done well. that's wut madam said la. im cool on answering the questions. blk. msged with iera. bla3. ape lg ntah la na tulis. btw i juz done watching heroes episode 1. best la gak. tp dah ngantuk. esok sambung episode 2. wish me luck on quizes esok. haish. ciao~

as usual here are sum pics.

irsyad fauzi yaakob

snapped by : pot

interview session

snapped by : pok jak

syam n irsyad

snapped by : pok jak again

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

im sori, syg

during lunch break turbine engine overhaul. n i was texting iera. suddenly.

iera : syg, i kena ragut. fck

i was like. WTF. so i asked n called her. she tells me the whole story. n now as im writing this blog she's feeling all stressed out. all her family is blaming her for that mistake. she was juz trying to help la mama. i dunno wut to do syg. sori for not being a gud boyfren. for not to be by urside when ur stressed out. im really sori. i do. but bear in mind, this irsyad will forever love u syg.

fakhira aqila
i've been happy with my frens when u came in my life.
n it is much more happier now.
thanx syg. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

today is monday.

today was fun ;)

started off with klas sir dollah. bak kate pokjak dollah salleh. hahahaha. so had to do dis project on filter. WTF mula2 igt cam senang. last2 susa mcm haram. such a tiring day after puas makan kambing kan. mampos lah. so bla3 the class ended blk n makan. online2 typical irsyad. cr idea ape nak ckp kat miss goh(is my mandarin lecturer) n i called her, toot toot, toot toot, hello? ' owh lao shi, saye taley dtg kelas ah, kena blk umah ade hal skit.' n she answered 'owh oke2, takpe2' ur FUCKING ryte irsyad. hahahahahaha. biaq p lah. the reason i want to skip class is i got a training for mcoba hockey. juz wanna have sum fun. n i want to go back home fast to skip the traffic jam. so off to jalan duta. fetch sufi at upm, singgah umah jap, n jalan duta. yea2, i had fun playing. budget mmg ta dpt ah. made a hell lot of silly mistakes. biaq p lah. yg pntg i had fun n lepaking with que n supee. so after dat anta blk sufi n off back to umah sewaku, surga ku. ciao~

i planned to hv dinner with iera but the training ended late.
after all iera is not feeling well. cepat sembuh oke syg.
no pics for today guys. sori.
thanx for reading.
ilysm iera!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

weekends II.

jumaat blk. msged fariq n training takde so taya jumpe iera dlm keadaan busuk! yeay! ahha
so otw back it was jammed lyke hell! n iera t
xt me 'HV FUN' huhu.
so smpi di rumah amek iera n we went thru drivethru mcd n ordered.
lepak sumwhere, makan, hv fun, n anta die blk.

blk umah n that's all for my friday.

bgn at 10.30. had asked my mum to leave sum money for me but she forgotten. tapelah.
so bgn n followed my mum to 2 wedding
s. makan free dan sedap kan so ikut je lah. makan2.
went home n pg beli brg n siap2 blk. konon lah blk. pg jumpe iera lah syg.
so fetch her up n off to bukit antarabangsa. die na jumpe kwn die fea. ikut kan je lah.
otw there jammed lg. ade accident kat mrr2. pusing2 die ta igt jalan.
i made a mistake otw t
here. sori iera. i love u so much oke syg.
picked up fea n die na pg kg baru plak sbb na jumpe bf die. ikut je la as long iera happy.
pack mcm syall! bla3. blk.
smpi lah ku di uniten. done for my saturday

woke up at 12.30. melepak dan melepak di bilik tataw wat ape.
i was juz waiting for faisal's open hs. so at last it's 7.30 n off we go.
ta saba makan kambing dan melantak.
we had fun yea guys.
jumpe lah petet, bullet, aleq, meon, adam from mcoba rugby guys.
my batch there were fariq, razi, izhan, que, r
ajer, muwei, mista, apeq, miejoe, sheikh
borak2 typical 0206 n ciao~

back to uniten anta razi n izhan n off to miat. ciao~
done for my sunday

ps : thanx to faisal for the fantastic open hs.
thanx for the comments
readers esp rajer n razi
keep up the reading guys.
i'll do my best to entertain u guys.
i think
that's all.

here are some pics.

me n iera

snapped by : ourselves ;)

fariq, mista, izhan, faisal(standing), rajer, muwei, que, razi, irsyad

snapped by : sheikh(thanx bro)

Friday, October 10, 2008

bosan di kala hujan

it's been nutting today. no classes. bgn lewat. so bgn2 n just keep on9ing. msged iera but no answer. bia la tdo lg kott. malam td berfutsal. sepak puluh2 kali score satu jek. hahahaha. kaki pengkang kot smalam. or maybe mmg pengkang. ntah le. after futsal g makan. lepak2 jap texted iera. she looks mad at me. klua malam. lepak pg2 bute. sori syg. it is juz my nature. so blk umah n i called iera. we had fun. i juz luv her voice. sgt comel oke. n i love her so much. tp malang nye super saver dah mahal. rm2 for juz half n hour. so after dat. watch some soul plane n im off to sleep. bgn lewat. after the didn't answer incident. golek2 jap. n member belikan makanan. makan n iera text me. sayaang ;) so i answered. die ckp td die pg office mama n left her fon at home charging. so takpe lah. text3. n now im here blogging my way to boredom. owh due to my influence(haha perasan) razi had made a blog. he joined with his apartment frens KamAmFaisalIzhanRazi's blog. check it out frens n readers. ciao~

Monday, October 6, 2008 last.

it's been awhile, or can i say it's been long since i last update my blog. so here goes friends n readers.

i been having my holidays until the raya came. so
of to kampung. nutting much to say during my hols. days being waste with my frens. lepak2 typical irsyad. with the same faces of razi, fariq, faisal, met azwan, owh que, mayo, juai, raje n some others which im sori if i didn't mention ur name. not really a waste since we 'discuss' a lot of thing. yeah a hell lot!! n most of it tak abes crite coz razi potong with his lawak bodo. kemak lah kaw razi! so here goes raye my fren. raye went not really well for me. ramai sedare mare tak blk due to bz kott. tp on my father side we goes here n there. had a gathering. jumpe sdare jauh yg cun. apekan daye. tgk je lah. ahahahaha. so bla3 bla3 bebel2. blk ke rumah. btw i left my bantal peluk kat kg. babi lah!. luckily i had my luvly cousin yg i sgt syg jage it. ahha. the first thing i did when smpi rumah is texting ' weeiii lepak mane wei??' but fariq did not reply. babi. suddenly razi msged 'nz jom wei' n fariq msged ' akoo br lepas amek razi, nz wei'. so i msged faisal ' nz wei' n beramai lah kite memenuhkan nz. there was fariq, razi, que, me n faisal. watching man utd won against bolton or boston as wut did blabla said 2-0. goals scored by brown n wayne 'wazza' rooney. then borak2 n rajer came. biasa lah borak kami diselangi lawak bodo razi. we had fun n we chiowed at 4 am. blk umah fm dan tdo. cant wait for the nx day!

the nx day, as i planned a week ago. nak blk miat! but b4 dat is my fun tyme with my luvly, iera. so we went ou. watch kami the muvie.
thanx go
d the muvie is oke n my answers to the series yg tersangkut itu terjawab. jalan2 kejap, n iera intention is to buy a gift for her fren tp ta jd at last coz tak taw nak beli ape. so we went rasta after dat. lepak2 jap. iera keep telling me to quit smoking but hell no oke. sori iera. ape2 pon i still love u oke. so borak2 jap n off back to kepong. had to stop since iera's sis wanted iera to buy food for her. berenti n she bought sumting. tomyam n dgg merah kot. so on the way back, iera ask me to stop sumwhere for us to borak. so we borak2 n borak2 until sumting happen. hahaha. siyesly iera freaked out! me too lah. but they didnt notice us kot so fuck them off. continue borak2 until i break the ice. bla bla bla. she had to go home. i send her home n im off to miat. the journey back to umah sewa was the happiest n he shortest back home journey ive ever been. :D

got class. bgn awal. class. ponteng mandarin. tgk eagle eye. chat ngan razi,blogging n im here. ciao~

to razi - ko mmg masuk air tp ko mmg seronok b
erborak. thanx god u r my fren. i put ur name here oke. puas atie kan?
to gocoh - akoo pon dah tulis name kaw.
to nadiah faten - ur day will come oke beb.

p/s : siyesly many things happens during my 3 weeks break. i bought a new fon, lots of lepaking n laughing. n many more. sad is there too coz my sis had to go back to japan. n all. but no use for me to keep mumbling since korang tak amek kesa
pon kan. i juz wrote ape yg terlintas. after all, this is my fucking blog!

this is fakhira aqila bt azahar
she's not that hot
she's not that thin
she's not that preety
she's not perfect
coz everybody's not perfect
but on 05/10/2008
im officially her boyfriend
i love u so much syg!